Fleetdrive work with partner finance providers to ensure that our customers have access to flexible agreements and also so that we have a range of credit facilities available to suit all types of business users.

Lex Autolease

Fleetdrive have been working with Lex Autolease for over 20 Years. Lex Autolease are the UK’s largest contract hire provider with over 250,000 cars and vans. In partnership we offer Contract hire, Personal contract hire and finance lease products. They are owned by Lloyds banking group. A number of staff within Fleetdrive were also former Lex employees which enables us to get the most out of these agreements on behalf of our clients.

In general the service is good but dealing with such a large company can sometime be frustrating for SME businesses – we can help to provide a friendly face to access all the facilities you require.

Some of the products we offer are not available directly through Lex such as Personal Contract hire.

Arval UK Ltd

Arval operate over 80000 vehicles in the UK and are owned by the French bank BNP Paribas. They also operate a sizable fleet management operation but have separated from the ALL STAR fuel card business in 2012.

Fleetdrive are among the top 25 distributors in the UK for Arval and as such we gain access directly to many of the departments that can help make operating your vehicles very simple.

Leaseplan / Network

Leaseplan operate over 130,000 cars and vans in the UK and their franchised NETWORK sales channel is now the largest in their set up. Through NETWORK Fleetdrive offer a full range of vehicle finance products including Contract hire, Finance Lease, Contract Purchase, Personal Contract hire and Personal contract purchase.

We are also able to offer many exclusive stock offers which are only available to franchise operators.


Based in Hook, Hampshire and Leeds, West Yorkshire, Alphabet manage over 125,000 fleet vehicles in the UK while internationally Alphabet operates in 18 countries and supplies over 530,000 vehicles.

Fleetdrive are one of an elite group of partners working with Alphabet to offer clients car and commercial vehicle funding and management expertise.

Energy Saving trust

The trust provides free, impartial advice and information for people across the UK looking to save and/or generate energy, reduce their energy bills and use water more efficiently. It also works with like-minded organisations and groups who wish to tackle climate change, both in the public and private sector.

BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association)

The contract hire industry has a representative body – the BVRLA – which seeks to look after the interests of, and sets standards for operational quality for, both the contract hire and leasing sectors and the daily hire (car rental) sectors. BVRLA’s membership has close to 2 million vehicles under management in the UK, and their activities also include lobbying MPs in respect of any fiscal matter which may affect the industry. There are 50 significant companies operating this type of supply, with possibly another hundred with fleets under 1,000 vehicles.

Fleetdrive are proud to be members of the BVRLA and this brings with it peace of mind for our clients. We currently serve on a members committee and are actively involved in trying to ensure the leasing industry keeps abreast of legislation and market changes.

EA Technology and partners

My Electric Avenue is an innovative project that aims to provide a solution to the potential impact that the recharging of electric vehicles (EVs) may have on the local electricity network.

As sales of electric vehicles increase, there is a need to assess the potential impact that a cluster of EVs may have in a local area served by one electricity substation. In the event of all EVs being recharged at the same time, and without any preparation, the load on the local electricity network may exceed the substation capacity.

Fleetdrive Electric are working in collaboration with a number of partners to deliver this project. Click to read more.

Manufacturer Schemes

In general we avoid utilising manufacturers own lease schemes as often the terms of the agreements are not as flexible and have higher ad hoc charges e.g.

These include; Volkswagen Financial services, Audi finance, Skoda Finance, SEAT finance, Mercedes Benz Finance, Citroen Contract hire, Peugeot contract hire.

Some of the manufacturer schemes are operated under white label by our partners and reflect the terms that we would expect and recommend. These are;

Ford Business Partner – ALD Automotive, Kia – Lex, Honda – Lex, Renault – Arval, Nissan – Arval, Jaguar – Lex, Land Rover – Lex.