Fleetdrive to introduce the Tesla Model S at EcoTechnology Show 2014

Eco technology ShowFleetdrive Electric has teamed up with Tesla Motors, premium manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles, at the EcoTechnology Show 2014.

The show takes place in Brighton on the 26-27 June and visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new Tesla Model S, whilst gaining an insight into the passion and technology behind the ground-breaking electric car.

Fleetdrive Electric are the UK’s leading provider of low-emission lease vehicles and have been working with key partners, such as the Energy Saving Trust, Department for Transport and Scottish and Southern Electric, at the forefront of this rapidly increasing market to deliver electric vehicle technology to the UK.

As well as an extensive range of electric cars and vans, Fleetdrive Electric also offer sustainable fleet solutions to small business, including carbon footprint analysis, charging equipment available to lease and driver training to optimise vehicle use.

Fleetdrive Electric has recently added the Tesla Model S to its range. The car was recently voted Car of the Year in 2014 in Norway and Sweden and The Most Stylish Car of the Year 2014 in Switzerland.

Tesla Model S lease car

Tesla Model S – the VIP of electric vehicles

Designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle, Model S is the world’s first premium electric saloon car and with unprecedented range – over 300 miles on a single charge – it sets the standard for 21st century performance.

Using energy three times more efficiently than a petrol powered engine, the Tesla powertrain delivers the most thrilling driving experience. Unlike the internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving pieces that spark, pump, belch, and groan, the Tesla motor has only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S acceleration is instantaneous, like flipping a switch. In 4.4 seconds, Model S can reach 60 miles per hour, without hesitation and without a drop of petrol.

Mike Potter, managing director at Fleetdrive, says: “We are excited to be involved in bringing this car to the fleet market here in the UK. It really is the business vehicle of the future. It is a car that makes a statement and offers the driver a VIP experience, whilst financially making real business sense. With huge tax benefits and no fuel expense, when you add up the whole-life cost of the vehicle, the figures speak for themselves.”

Tesla country director for the UK and Ireland, Georg Ell, commented: “It is an exciting time for Tesla with the Right Hand Drive Model S coming to the UK this spring. Currently with 0% BIK, 0% road tax and zero congestion charge, the Model S is an excellent fleet proposition for both drivers and the companies they work for. Soon 90% of UK motorway service stations will have rapid charging installations, and additionally Tesla’s own Supercharger network will enable drivers to charge at no cost and stop for only 30 minutes to reach 80% of battery capacity. This makes a strong argument for driving electric with Tesla.”

Come along and visit us on stand A81 

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