Personal Car Leasing

fleet costsAll your motoring costs* taken care of with one fixed monthly payment

Personal car leasing agreements allow you to have fixed cost motoring, often at a reduced rate.

  • A flexible way to drive the car you really want; with over 9,000 makes and models of vehicle to choose from
  • Ease of use you just pay a fixed monthly payment and the car is looked after for you
  • Lower monthly payments vs. purchasing a vehicle
  • Clearer budgeting especially for employees receiving an allowance
  • Lower motoring costs as we provide discounted services

A typical personal lease agreement will include:

  • Low vehicle costs due to our economies of scale.
  • Fixed cost for depreciation as we take the risk on residual value
  • Fixed Period of use
  • Forecast contract mileage (can be amended during the contract to reflect actual use of the vehicle)
  • Terms relating to the condition of the car on return
  • Optional maintenance and other service packages

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) – How it works

With PCH the contract hire company owns the vehicle and rents it to you for an agreed period. You are therefore technically not borrowing the money to fund the car. One of the advantages of this is that a contract hire company can claim all the VAT back on the vehicles it purchases and therefore the capital amount requiring finance is lower. Only companies owning vehicles purely for commercial purposes can do this (Daily Rental companies, dealers etc.).

Generally the contract hire company will at least purchase the road fund license every year for the vehicle. You can of course add maintenance and other services to the package and make one monthly payment covering all of it.

*Excluding fuel and insurance

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