Electric company cars and vans

Nissan_eNV200_electric_vanThe benefits of Going Green

‘Going Green’ – whilst an enormously worthwhile objective – is not an easy feat for any business to achieve within the constraints of today’s economical climate. And not many of us can honestly say we’re there.

ANY contribution to a greener fleet is better than no contribution; and what’s more there are some very simple measures you can take that will make a considerable difference.

Oh, and did we mention that Going Green can save you money too? It’s a common misconception that anything associated with eco-driving means increased costs. There are significant savings to be made and we can show you how.

Crucially for your fleet budget, choosing any reduced CO2 vehicle reduces the amount of company car tax you have to pay.

See the list of ultra low emission vehicles eligible for the ULEV Grant

Take a look at our specialist site drive-electric.co.uk to see the range of low emission vehicles that are available and find out how switching to electric vehicles could revolutionise your business.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the switch? Why not try before you buy with our commitment-free flexi lease. Find out more.