Safe Winter Driving Advice

winter_roadsFleetdrive would like all drivers to stay safe on the roads this Christmas, so we’d like to share with you some useful winter driving tips:

  • Only drive if the journey is necessary
  • Plan ahead and make sure someone knows of your journey
  • Keep more space than usual between you and the car in front  – in icy conditions, it should be at least 10 seconds
  • When making a right turn into a side road, keep the wheels straight so if you were hit from behind you wouldn’t be sent into oncoming traffic
  • When braking on snow or ice, be sure to change to a low gear and brake gently
  • Watch out for areas in shade, such as behind a building or in the shade of trees, as these can be slippery when the rest of the road is dry

Before you set off, remember to carry out some quick and simple safety checks – check that your lights, battery, windscreen, wipers and tyres are all in good condition and working properly. Stay safe!


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