Company car CO2 emissions and mileage fall to new low

company car fleets must reduce carbon footprint

The average carbon emissions of new company cars fell to an all-time low of 126g/km during the first six months of 2013, according to fleet data.

The data, based on 96,000 vehicles, shows that over the past 10 years average CO2 emissions have fallen by 24% as manufacturers continue to introduce efficient low CO2 models into the marketplace and record numbers are ordered by businesses.

The figures show that the rate of reduction in emissions has improved more recently with average CO2 emissions falling by 20% in past five years alone and now below the UK’s average of 133g/km in 2012.

The research shows average mileage fell by more than 2,400 miles, from 18,500 miles in the first six months of 2012 to 16,000 in the first half of 2013.

Over the past decade average mileage has fallen by more than 6,000 miles – a reduction of 28%.

Legislation continues to be the driving factor in pushing emission levels down and the trend will continue.

From April next year the 10% rate will be abolished with increases of 1% for vehicles which emit between 76g/km and 210 g/km of CO2, to a maximum of 35%.

Furthermore, from October 2013 all large and medium-sized companies must now declare carbon emissions data in their annual reports for the entire organisation, including company vehicles.

Company car fleets have come a long way over the last ten years in dramatically reducing their carbon footprint and delivering significant financial savings to businesses.

Carbon emissions remain very much under the spotlight and, with emissions and taxation inextricably linked, Fleetdrive work closely with our customers to help them stay one step ahead of legislation.


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