VOSA warns of ‘reality check ahead’ for van operators at FTA conference

vanVOSA has warned van operators that those not complying with regulations will be targeted by the authorities.

Gordon Macdonald, who is VOSA’s head of enforcement policy, issued the warning during his keynote speech at the first Freight Transport Association Van Excellence Conference in Sheffield.

He said that VOSA was determined to improve van operational standards and makes no secret of its intention to significantly ramp up the number of roadside inspections and other enforcement activity.

He also praised the Van Excellence scheme, describing it as “an extremely good example of where the industry can take responsibility for itself”, adding that accredited operators of the Van Excellence scheme were recognised by VOSA for demonstrating good practice in the industry.

He said: “Van Excellence contributes to improve road safety recognition, and is very beneficial in changing the public perception of the ‘white van man’.

“The scheme ensures that better standards are met so that vehicles operate in a safe and viable way and therefore should be nurtured.

“VOSA needs support from the industry to ensure that our resources are best directed at the right target audience. I see Van Excellence as a very positive initiative and congratulate the FTA on the scheme.”

Van Excellence is an industry-led initiative that aims to enhance standards of van operator compliance, celebrate operators who demonstrate excellence and represent the interests of the van industry.

Mark Cartwright, FTA’s head of vans, said: “Van Excellence demonstrates that operators and proves that they are entirely capable of self-regulation.

“FTA applauds the efforts of VOSA to increase general operational standards and welcomes the words which Gordon Macdonald from VOSA has delivered enforcing the message to those van operators who need to improve their standards do so.”

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