Renault Master offers zero-emission solution for last-mile deliveries

Renault Master ZE electric vanThe Renault Master Z.E. is the electric version of the Master, aimed primarily at fleets running last-mile distribution services in a city. It gains the Z.E. expertise of Renault, European leader in electric vehicles, while maintaining all the qualities that have made Master a benchmark in the heavy van sector.

Highlights of the new Renault Master Z.E.:

  • Equipped with a 33kWh battery which was co-developed by Renault and LG Chem. It features a major innovation: increased energy density obtained by improving the chemistry of the battery cells.
  • Fitted with the R75, a motor of advanced energy efficiency, with an output of 57kW/76hp, inherited from the Renault ZOE. Built in France, this tried-and-tested motor makes Master Z.E. ideal for use in and around the city.
  • Master Z.E. has a top speed of 71mph that can be limited depending on customer needs.
  • Range of 124 miles (NEDC) on a single charge, making it suitable for daily last-mile deliveries in the city.
  • Takes less than one night to charge: a full charge takes six hours with the 7kW Wall Box.
  • Master Z.E. maintains the qualities of Master, a benchmark in the heavy van segment, of excellent ride and handling of the vehicle.
  • Master Z.E. is not a version: it is a range of vehicles meeting the diverse needs of business users. Master Z.E. is available in three height versions; L1H1, L2H2 and L3H2, and also an L3 flatbed cab version.

Fitting a battery and electric motor on a heavy van is no easy task from a technical standpoint. Renault drew upon all its expertise in order to develop an electric version of Master that maintains the original vehicle’s genetic qualities, particularly in terms of load capacity. The objective was simple: to satisfy last-mile delivery objectives in the city.

  • The load area is identical to that of the LCV version since the new Z.E. 33 KWh battery is sized to fit under the body. Master Z.E. has a useful volume of between 8 and 22 m3 depending on the configuration.
  • The Master Z.E. van range maintains a payload of between 1,000 and 1,100kg (depending on versions). This meets the needs of most business customers for their last-mile urban delivery services.
  • The load sill is among the lowest in the segment (55.7cm) and the doors open to 270 degrees, for easier loading and unloading.
  • With a payload of 1,400 kg (without conversion), the L3 platform cab version lends itself to a wide range of conversions. The main options include the adaptation of a high-volume body for a load volume of up to 22m3.
  • With the optional Wide View mirror to eliminate blind spots, a reversing camera (with a screen built into the interior door mirror) and reversing radar, Master Z.E. is the ideal partner for urban deliveries.
  • No need to sacrifice ergonomics, comfort or ride comfort. The cabin of Master Z.E. continues to provide maximum comfort for both the driver and front passengers as an office on wheels with a range of ergonomic storage compartments.

A number of features specific to Master Z.E. will be available when the vehicle launches in Europe: R-Link with connected services, pre-conditioning, a speed limiter function for fleets, and Z.E. Voice (pedestrian warning system). The speed limiter function will make it possible for fleet owners to limit the top speed of the vehicles provided to users while maintaining range.

The Renault Master Z.E. is expected to arrive in the UK in late Autumn 2017.