Are your drivers legal?

fleet managementOne in four driving licences may be invalid, according to joint research carried out by the BVRLA and DVLA

How can you be sure that your drivers are legally permitted to drive, as well as being entitled to operate the class of vehicle you have assigned to them? And how can you keep track of how many penalty points they have, and be confident that you know the full story?

You have a copy of each driver’s licence on file. This solves the problem. Doesn’t it? The answer is NO.

The copy could be an old one. Even if you see what seems like the original licence, it could be a duplicate of an old licence. And even if the licence you inspected was genuine, an offence may have been committed since the copy was taken, which you know nothing about. The average company takes a copy of its drivers’ licences once a year, so it’s easy to imagine how many incidents can take place between inspections.

Your drivers may be presenting your company with a greater risk than you think.

ELECTRONIC DRIVERS’ LICENCE INSPECTIONS is the solution. Please ask our team of experts for further advice and guidance about driver management and document inspection.

High Risk Drivers

Someone who cannot always be relied upon to drive safely, sensibly or economically, is a High Risk Driver. Their driving behaviours may be volatile, they may drive too fast or take risks on the road, may be inexperienced or they may just be downright careless. Many factors can contribute towards a driver falling into the High Risk category, but a High Risk Driver is always a High Cost Driver.

Someone who takes risks when driving is of course more likely to be involved in an accident than their more sensible counterparts. That’s a matter of common sense. And we don’t need to remind you of the detrimental consequences – both financial and human – of a road traffic accident.

But even if they are lucky enough to somehow avoid being involved in accidents as a result of their poor behaviour, your High Risk Drivers are still costing you unnecessary money every time they are behind the wheel.

Speeding, erratic driving, heavy braking, over-revving…these all put excessive pressure on a vehicle and its fuel consumption, leading ultimately to premature mechanical wear and tear and increased fuel usage… both of which will cost you dearly, but both of which are completely avoidable. Our team of experts can show you how.

Please ask for a copy of our Fleet Guide which helps you Identify and manage your High Risk Drivers. It can be challenging…but with our help there are significant benefits to be had, and savings to be made.