Fleets feel the fuel cost pressure

One-in-four UK businesses employing more than 1,000 staff have identified cutting fuel costs as their number one fleet priority, research suggests.

Meanwhile, a separate survey has revealed that business drivers are also taking steps to reduce their fuel consumption and associated costs. Of the 1,000 business drivers interviewed: 50% are shopping around for the cheapest fuel; 65% are reducing their speed and driving more smoothly to save fuel; and 20% are cutting back on mileage driven.

The news comes in the wake fleets facing rising pump prices and whether they are being treated unfairly because of the relatively high cost of diesel.

Of course another cost-saving option to look at is to go electric. With the Government’s £5,000 grant towards the cost of a new vehicle, and the ongoing developments in electric vehicle technology, electric vehicles are fast becoming a feasible option for many fleet managers. Peugeot iOn available on contract from £159 + VAT a month. Visit www.fleetdrive-electric.com for this and other offers and find out if electric vehicles could work for your business. 

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