Payment of Parking fines and Penalties

We have designed our Fleet Administration service to reduce your bills as well as your paperwork.

As of 1st October 2017, we will be dealing efficiently with vehicle related fines for parking, speeding and other traffic infringements so there is less chance that you will incur extra charges for late or missed payments.

As the registered keeper of the vehicle(s) leased to our customers and their drivers, Fleetdrive will receive any vehicle related fines and penalty notices. From 1st October 2017 Fleetdrive will automatically pay and recharge these to take advantage of the reduced rate offered and to prevent any further escalation. You will be sent a copy of the fine together with confirmation of the date that payment by direct debit will be taken to settle the penalty or fine, including an administration charge as agreed with your contract.

Should you feel there are grounds to dispute the charge, you will need to appeal the fine directly with the issuing Authority using the instructions on the Fine Notice issued or via their website. If your appeal is successful the issuing Authority will issue a refund to Fleetdrive. If you send your appeal via post, we recommend you do so via registered or tracked delivery and include any supporting evidence you have available.

How to prevent receiving a fine

  • Ensure any parking permits, payment tickets or blue badge documentation is clearly displayed
  • Keep your registration number and payment details up to date and correct on any Auto Pay apps or accounts. i.e. ‘0’ instead of ‘O’
  • Check you have paid for the correct date. Payment outside of the date parameters will still result in a fine being issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • Be vigilant to check for parking restriction signage and pay the appropriate fee
  • If you break down, keep all paperwork just in case it may be required for an appeal

Should you have any questions in relation to this change then please contact your Account Manager directly or email