Summer heat takes its toll on windscreens

summer windscreenWindscreens take the Summer heat as the UK experiences temperatures of 30°C.

With the hot weather set to continue, and motorists take to their cars to enjoy the UK sunshine, it is increasingly important that drivers prepare their cars for long journeys, as well as themselves.

Families often ensure that they and their kids are ready for hours on the road with food, drink and games prepared, but some forget about their own car’s needs. If care is not taken beforehand, overheating, increased debris, poor visibility and other problems caused by the intensely hot sunshine could have implications for the condition of the car and safety on the road.

If your windscreen is already damaged, the hot weather can make it worse. Simple steps to prepare the windscreen, fluid levels and wheels, can make all the difference to being safe on the road this summer.

Our Summer drive check-list:

  • Top-up water, check the oil level and make sure the coolant and distilled water system is at 50:50 to prevent your car from over-heating
  • Clean your windscreen inside and out with spray wash (not water) and ensure wiper blades are free from dirt to protect the glass and prevent dust sticking so that you have clear sight of the road
  • Use a sun shade for your windscreen when parked to keep down the inside temperature and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the hot sun whilst driving
  • As you get in to your car, wind down the window to let in fresh air to level the temperature inside. Try to resist the urge to switch on the air conditioning straight away to prevent the bodywork and windscreen being shocked and potentially causing damage
  • Check the tread depth of all the tyres and that the air pressure is firm to reduce the stress on the wheels and ensure your car tyres are safe for the road
  • Drive within the speed limit and take extra care when approaching a rough road surface or pothole. This will reduce the chance of grit and loose road surfaces ricocheting off wheels and damaging your car and other vehicles