Get SMART about repairs to reduce fleet costs

Fleet managers could be saving tens of thousands of pounds in end-of-life de-fleeting costs by opting for ongoing SMART repair work throughout the life of the lease. So says bodyshop distribution network ACIS after carrying out bodyshop data analysis.

So-called SMART – Small to Medium Area Repair– technology is now being increasingly used mid-lease when cars go in for servicing.

According to ACIS, a typical BMW rear bumper with slight damage would cost around £300 to repair at the end of contract based upon the menu price, but a SMART repair mid-lease would be two-thirds lower. Across a fleet of 500 vehicles, this type of repair would save £120,000.

Research by ACIS suggested that dealerships, on average, service 20 cars a day and sell a further 20 used cars a month. Of the cars serviced:

  • 40% will have alloy wheel damage
  • 30% will have bodywork scuffs
  • 20% will have some form of bumper damage
  • 10% will have windscreen chips or cracks
  • 5% require interior repair

ACIS adds that such small, cost-effective repairs can be sanctioned by fleet managers when they go into a garage for an MOT or service, which is the perfect time to point out superficial damage that could benefit from SMART.

Graham O Neill, chief executive of ACIS Ltd, which works with both the bodyshops and the insurance companies, commented: The Holy Grail for most fleet managers is zero dents to the fleet’s RV whether this is managed through the third party fleet provider or they are purchasing the vehicles themselves. Ongoing cosmetic repairs that guarantee easy resale at reduced cost to the business has got to be an attractive option all-round. Vehicles look better for longer while they are on the books and cost less to the business in the long run.’


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