New Brand Makes it Easy for New Car Buyers to Drive Electric

DriveElectric logoDriveElectric has launched with a desire to help people identify electric cars not only as an environmentally friendly transport solution, but as a practical and affordable option when choosing a new car.

With the UK’s public charging-point network growing everyday, advances in battery technology making electric cars more affordable (and with greater mileage range) than ever before, anyone looking to buy a new car now has the realistic option to consider an electric version and move away from traditional fuel engines.

Having undertaken market research, which included a survey with more than 180 respondents and a focus group of existing and potential electric vehicle users, Fleetdrive Management Ltd, the parent company, have worked to develop a consumer brand which reflects the market needs and provides specialist support to nurture this growing sector. DriveElectric will focus exclusively on making it simple for new car buyers to drive electric cars.

With the experience of having delivered electric vehicle leasing solutions since 2011, DriveElectric’s dedicated team of award-winning experts all share a passion for electric cars and have hands-on driving experience of all the models currently available to buy. With unrivalled knowledge about electric vehicles, the technology and the practicalities of running them, as well as being an independent leasing company, the DriveElectric team are able to provide unbiased advice to customers on all makes and model, from all manufacturers, as well as offer guidance on the most suitable finance option.

Leasing an electric vehicle provides a way to drive the car you really want, removes the risk of falling residual values and can make it easier to budget. What’s more, at the end of the lease period (generally 2-4 years) you can hand the car back and ‘upgrade’ to a new model, continuing to enjoy the benefits of the latest electric car technology.

DriveElectric also offer Personal Contract Purchasing for those looking for a more conventional purchasing option, where you can choose to pay regular monthly payments for a set period and then an optional final payment to own the vehicle outright.

An exciting programme of events has been planned for the forthcoming year which will see the DriveElectric team getting out and about, at locations across the UK, hosting test drive experiences and showcasing the capabilities of electric vehicles.

The first event will take place this Saturday, 21st May, at Millennium Square in the centre of Bristol, where the DriveElectric experts will be taking part in the EVolution event, answering questions and demonstrating the Kia Soul EV. Members of the public are welcome to come along to this free event between 10am-4pm.

Commenting on the launch of DriveElectric, Mike Potter, Managing Director of Fleetdrive Management Ltd. said; “We are extremely excited about the launch of DriveElectric. Reducing emissions is one of the key benefits known about electric cars, but few people are aware of just how enjoyable electric cars are to drive. With DriveElectric we want to spread the word to a wider audience and help as many people as possible get behind the wheel of one and discover for themselves what the cars of the future are all about.”

The friendly team at DriveElectric are happy to offer advice to anyone looking to explore how electric vehicles can work for them. Call 0333 300 1050 or email

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