EV Charge Points at Motorway Services to be mandatory

e-NV200 electric vanEV Charge points will be required by law at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers under new legislation in the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill.

The Queen’s speech revealed that the installation of public charge points for electric vehicles, as well as a set of common technical and operational standards, are required to ensure that EV public charging is convenient to access and works seamlessly right across the UK.

The Government says it also plans to extend compulsory motor vehicle insurance to cover the use of automated vehicles, to ensure compensation claims continue to be paid quickly, fairly and easily, in line with longstanding insurance practice.

The provisions would apply to England, Wales and Scotland.

Fleetdrive Electric have welcomed the news as charging infrastructure has been a barrier to EV adoption for a large percentage of the population that are unable to charge EVs at home.

90% of EV charging is done at home, generally over night, but currently around 30% of UK households don’t have access to off-street parking so for them EVs are not a viable option.

This support from Government to improve the UK’s EV charging infrastructure will make a significant difference to businesses looking to run EV fleets, as reliable and accessible public charge points are fundamental to maintaining fleet efficiency.

Mike Potter, Managing Director at Fleetdrive Electric says, “Improving access to rapid charging in public will definitely boost confidence in buying and driving electric vehicles.

It’s very positive news that the Government is bringing in measures which will ultimately help encourage greater take-up of electric vehicles.”

“Over 4% of new registrations in 2017 so far have been Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) compared to 3% in the whole of 2016, so it’s really exciting to see that the EV revolution is upon us and we are all starting to move towards a zero-emission transport future.”