The new Fiat 500 MPW

FIAT 500 MPW company carThe latest member of the growing Fiat 500 family, the new Fiat 500L MPW (Multi-Purpose Wagon) offers the unique Fiat 500 design along with the ‘space efficiency’ ethos of the 500L. Throw in its ‘5 + 2-seater’ layout and the compact size of a mid-size car and the new Fiat 500L MPW really has something to offer everyone – including fleet drivers.

As the most compact ‘5 + 2-seater’ MPV in its segment, the Fiat 500L MPW leads the way for being compact to drive yet offering an effective use of space. In fact, at 4.35m long, it has the best external dimensions to interior space ratio in its class and is the only car among its peers to boast a 638-litre boot.

The optional third row of seats – which features a simple ‘one-hand’ mechanism – also gives drivers a choice between the ability to carry up to seven people, or choose a massive load area, or have a combination of the two.

Like its 500 and 500L siblings, the Fiat 500L MPW is equipped with two petrol engines – the 95hp 1.4 16v and 105hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo – with the latter being the cleanest petrol engine in the segment.

There’s also two turbodiesels – the 105hp 1.6 MultiJet II and 85hp 1.3 MultiJet II, the latter also with automatic transmission – which also offer cost-effective running along with keen performance.

In order to make the 500L MPW as comfortable as possible, it has specially adaptable suspension. To absorb bumps in the road and control body roll for excellent lane change response speed, the seven-seat version has been fitted with ‘frequency dependent’ shock absorbers.

These vary the damping according to the operating conditions. On a smoother surface, body roll is reduced to enhance handling and safety. When the going gets rougher, suspension filtering is increased to optimise comfort levels.

The Fiat 500L MPW offers two trim levels (Pop Star and Lounge), both with five or seven seats, 19 body colours (including 11 two-tone combinations) and 6 interior trims as well as 15 different types of alloy wheels and hub caps. In total, no fewer than 282 combinations are possible.

It also offers equipment worthy of a higher segment, including leather interior, integrated navigation system and rear reversing camera.

With a perfect blend of style and substance, the new Fiat 500L MPW is set to appeal to drivers looking a vehicle that can cater for lifestyle requirements whilst also offering unmistakeable Fiat design. Low running costs and effective OTR pricing make for a winning formula for fleet drivers.


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