We’ve changed our name to DriveElectric

In the world of mobility things are always evolving and, with more than 20 years’ experience in the business, we’re no different.

To be the best partner for helping you and your business to move with the times and make your transition to EV mobility, we are transforming our brand and moving to DriveElectric – one brand for all of our services, offline, online, on the phone, face to face.

Our name has changed, but rest assured that meeting your fleet requirements with the best-value solutions remains our priority. We understand that the transition to zero emissions for some businesses will take longer than others: it could be 5 weeks, or it could be 5 or more years.

Where electric vehicles are not currently a viable option for your business needs, we will continue to provide complete motoring solutions for ALL petrol, diesel and hybrid models. Our focus is to help clients to reduce their carbon footprint, in turn reducing their motoring costs.

Whether you knew us better as Fleetdrive or Fleetdrive Electric, you’ll know that what drives us is our 100% commitment to service. As DriveElectric we will continue to put our customers first, listen and understand your needs, and deliver solutions that are right for you.

The transformation is underway and you may have already seen the new brand reflected in some of our systems. Over the coming months you’ll see that this is much more than just a name change…We have evolved. Delivering specialist EV leasing solutions to businesses and individuals, as well as developing the most advanced EV charging technology, with our expert knowledge we are the helping hand that can guide you on your journey to zero emission transport and beyond.

It’s not just about being green, it’s about making electric vehicles work for you. DriveElectric make it easy.

Visit our website: www.drive-electric.co.uk

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